Thursday, November 9, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: What is Clare Rewcastle Brown hiding in a Spanish company registered in her Brother's name?

After revealing that the investigative journalist, who is against deforestation, is funded by a Swiss Wood industry tycoon, Corruption Watchers is now exposing financial holdings that Mrs. Brown DOES NOT want anyone to know about.

Following Corruption Watchers' latest exclusive revelation regarding financial links between Sarawak Report and the Swiss tycoon Martin Pestalozzi, we have been approached by additional sources with further claims of conflict of interest and corruption allegedly made, by Mrs. Brown. The claims which have yet been fully verified, will not be published.

Corruption Watchers had recently received information regarding a registered Spanish company that goes by the name of "Hutchings Investments SL", the company is legally registered through public deed at the "Registro Mercantil de Alicante" with an initial capital of 750,000 Euros. Hutchings Investments brokers' real estate deals of all kinds (promotion, sale and leasing of rural and urban assets).

Further enquiries made by our source have revealed that Patrick Rewcastle is the owner of the company with 100% of the company shares. A simple background check revealed that Patrick Rewcastle is Mrs. Brown's brother who resides in the vicinity of Benissa.  According to Corruption Watchers' source Clare Rewcasle Brown has been visiting Benissa on numerous occasions within the course of the last few months.

Hutchings Investments SL
Private Limited Company

Established: 21.11.2014

Status: Active
NIF: B54826748

Partida Pedramala 67C 03720 Benisa, Alicante, Spain.

One very suspicious aspect regarding this establishment, was that we could not find any reports that would suggest Hutchings Investments to be a real operational entity - Hutching Investment SL made no financial movements whatsoever or has any available tax reports. However, the company owns a large villa and plot of land located in the rustic side of Benissa, Spain.  

This method is known to be a way of hiding properties through a "strawperson" in order to protect the privacy of 'real' owners, In this case, Mrs. Brown, and her 750,000 euros she wants to keep under the radar.

The information we gathered on Hutchings Investments SL also unveiled its business Directors:

Clare Rewcastle Brown is listed under her maiden name, Clare Louise Brown as the director/administrator of Hutchings Investments SL. Patrick Rewcastle on the other hand, is the "socio unico" or Sole proprietor of the company. There are no other individuals connected to the establishment's portfolio other than the two Rewcastle siblings.  

In the past when asked about her source of income (you cannot really make a living by being an independent blogger), Brown made sure to declare that her work is being funded by and relies on "a steady stream of small donations", she claims her trips abroad were funded by NGO grants and failed to mention any side businesses.

This begs the questions: what does Mrs. Brown has to do with what seems to be a Spanish shell company? What is she hiding in a Spanish Straw company listed over her brother's name?

Corruption Watchers last articles, revealed Brown had promoted political and commercial agendas in favor of the highest bidder (be it a Swiss billionaire or a wealthy NGO).

The timing of the companies establishment (November 2014) perfectly matches Mrs. Browns first attempts to create political influence. When we tried to speak to Mrs. Brown in order to get her response on our article – she did not respond. When trying to reach her brother Mr. Patrick Rewcastle in order to get his response, he asked us to speak directly to Mrs. Brown only, for "I have nothing to do with that, and not supposed to be involved in it, you will have to deal with her directly".

On our previous article covering Mrs. Browns' questionable work ethics, Corruption Watchers has exposed the never-seen-before evidence showing the undisputable connection between the anonymous Swiss billionaire, Martin O. Pestalozzi and Sarawak Report's Editor-In-Chief.
By continuous unleashing on the deforestation phenomenon taking place in Malaysia, Clare Rewcastle Brown was actually assisting Pestalozzi's business agendas. The publications made by her where she criticizes the Malaysian government over alleged corruption in the wood trade field helped Pestalozzi eliminating competition, leaving NovelTeak (a wood company owned by Pestalozzi) at the top of the teak exporting industry.
We have also exposed the method Pestalozzi used BVI and Jersey located offshores when he paid Brown with almost half a million euros for her "devoted" services.  

We are still examining other recent evidence regarding Mrs. Brown. According to the materials presented to Corruption Watcher editorial board by various worried individuals, some of Sarawak Report's donations money is allegedly being used by Mrs. Brown and her family for their personal welfare (we avoid publishing those assertions before they are fully verified).

Sadly, Mrs. Brown chose not to reply to Corruption Watchers investigative article. In case Mrs. Brown will decide to respond we would be more than happy to publish her comments to the evidence mentioned above.


  1. Where's the evidence? Just vague insinuations!

  2. 'Corruption Watchers' are invited to say who they are and to provide a name and contact to Sadly, they are lying when they claim they have approached the Editor of Sarawak Report for comment. Sadly, this story is a lot of rubbish like all the others. Sadly, defamation websites like Corruption Watchers seem more interested in defaming journalists who have actually exposed corruption than in addressing the verified information those journalists have exposed.... so sadly we have to conclude this anonymous blogspot (which is being circulated through FB etc etc etc) is yet another of the many paid tools of the Malaysian PM. Sad you can't get a better job. Editor SR

    1. Clare, why do you always avoid the accusations made against you and come up with accusations of your own? I figure it is a case of "the best defense is a good offense"..


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